"We believe in Self-Empowerment"

Founders – Ajay Pandit, Vimal Jat and Vishnu Jaiswal

In 2004, an enthusiastic team of young people during their masters in social work in Indore initiated work in slums of Indore city on issues of education and health awareness. During this period they realized that, along with furthering their individual aspirations, the youth can also play an important role in leading social change within their communities as active citizens. 

Thus, in 2006 Synergy Sansthan was formally formed as a platform where the creative energies of youth can come together and nurture each other as well as their communities. Their passion for bringing change in society made them begin this organization. Initially to make their friends meet, one friend would support the other two who dedicated all their time in setting up this organization. 

The co-founders of Synergy Sansthan themselves come from rural families. Each of them faced several challenges in achieving meaningful success at almost every stage of their lives. Owing to the lack of valuable support systems, they all struggled very hard in order to compete with peers from more privileged backgrounds.

Coming together, they thus resolved to establish an organization that could support Children & Youth from Rural & marginalized backgrounds in developing their individual capacities. Over the years of experience with the community, the organization has gathered valuable knowledge about the challenges, requirements, and opportunities of the working area.

Our Five year Future Plan

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