Adolescent & Youth Leadership Development

Synergy Sansthan’s leadership development is based on a transformative leadership approach. 

The transformative leadership development approach expands the capacities of the adolescent and youth of rural and tribal communities to overcome personal trauma and challenges. Transformative approaches to leadership development enable those most affected by social injustices to have a voice in making the surrounding systems and culture more equitable and inclusive.

Synergy Sansthan’s interventions are centered on building the adolescent’s and youth participants’ understanding of self with the world around them and not in isolation from it. The organization calls this process the ‘Self-to-Society journey’ and that the conception of self-transformation is a process of action & reflection in light of an individual’s relatedness to others and the world around them. Synergy Sansthan’s belief is that each individual can bring a positive change in society while, at the same time, allowing society to facilitate a change or transformation in the individual.

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