Jan Pratham Fellowship

A fellowship program which focuses on conducive learning program based on Active Citizenship & constitutional education

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During the Indian struggle for Independence and the making of the Constitution, we dreamt of a democratic India to secure all its citizens Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Even now, the global narrative is such that India is recognized as the biggest democracy in the world. However, the reality is far from that dream and that narrative today. The fact is India ranks 46th in the Global Democracy Index (2022 report) out of the 167 countries worldwide.

This is also reflected in our education system and family structures too. Our belief is the root cause of seeing 54% dropout by Grade 8 and 62% dropout by Grade 10 in the region we work in is a result of the non-democratic education system. This has resulted in a 50% literacy rate in Harda.

Values we want to build and facilitate through our work are Democracy, Inclusion, Fun, Growth, and Partnership

Our approach

Bringing a change in mindset

“We Are Citizen Fellowship exists precisely to fill the deficit of Democratic and Inclusive leadership in society.”
– The program’s long-term objective is “To create Democratic and Inclusive Societies.”
– The Mid-term objective of the Program is “To create a movement of democratic and inclusive leaders who will enable ecosystems to reduce the Democratic & inclusion crisis and challenge the status quo.”
– The short-term objective of the program is “Creating a unique learning space for youths & adolescents through running Civic Education and constitution curriculum in and out of school by launching 2-year fellowship program in 20 locations of Madhya Pradesh.”

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