Humrahi programe encourages, recognizes, and supports young non-profit organizations (NPO) to achieve their potential to lead youth-centric work in rural and tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh.

NPOs connected across MP
districts covered in MP
NPO Leaders established
youths benefitted

What drives the program?

This is a 3-year-long programe that provides opportunities for young NPOs to go through intensive training and facilitation, which includes internship and group exposure. The NPO joining the Humrahi programe will be given mentorship on the understanding and importance of the youth-centric approach to adolescent and youth development, leadership building, organization development strategy, and fund-raising strategies. This journey will help grassroots youth lead organizations to become champions of youth-centric development work in the context of tribal and rural communities.

3 year Program Overview

Year One

Quarter 1 - Selection of Humrahi Organizations
Quarter 2 - Induction Workshop
Quarter 3 - Develop Organisational Clarity and alignment of Youth work
Quarter 4 - Building Capacity of Partner's team

Year Two

Quarter 1 - Building Capacity of Partner's team
Quarter 2, 3, and 4 - Building Youth Development Program and Piloting

Year Three

Quarter 1 - Research and Writing Proposals
Quarter 2 - Fundraising and Designing Pitch desk
Quarter 3 and 4 - Entrust, Visibility and Launching Program

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