It all started
with One!

Educating one Child
Creating one Social Campaign
Solving one Grassroot problem

Day in, day out effort to make a small difference in one’s life

Harda, Madhya Pradesh

Adolescents and young people from marginalized rural, tribal, and semi-urban areas are first time learners, and societal prejudice has considerably undermined their self-confidence and self-esteem. This makes them more vulnerable and traps them in a cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Dreaming Used to Be Distant Affair for Our Participants

From One to Many Youths

Leading Social Change by Nurturing Minds to Foster Social Capital and Ensure a Sustainable Society

We helped the youth to realise their potential through transformative programs including Education, Sports, Performing Arts etc

But this is just the beginning
The Tribal community is one of the neglected sectors in India

How You Can Support US

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